The Medes Islands are a small archipelago of 21.5 hectares located in the Mediterranean, one mile from the Montgrí coast and L’Estartit, from where our Nautilus boats depart. It consists of seven islets and rocks in an underwater setting of extraordinary biological and ecological value.


On the Empordà coast, we can find L’Estartit, a town that belongs to Torroella de Montgrí. It is located in an ideal location, between the Montgrí massif, a large beach of fine sand and the mouth of the Ter river. L’Estartit is a meeting point for diving lovers.


We adhere to sustainable tourism regulations, enjoying and preserving the territory. Tourism is a growing sector and one of the main drivers of rural economy in Europe. In this context, Protected Natural Areas are becoming top tourist destinations, as they work to preserve environmental quality and conserve natural and cultural resources.

In the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands, and the Lower Ter, we understand tourism as a motor of economic and social development, which can be an ally of conservation, as long as it is carried out under sustainable management.


Sustainable tourism is one that fully takes into account current and future economic, social, and environmental repercussions to meet the needs of visitors, industry, the environment, and host communities. It makes optimal use of environmental resources, respects socio-cultural authenticity, and ensures viable economic activities in the long term.

Passeig del Port, s/n
Espigó de Llevant
17258 L’Estartit
Tel. 972 75 17 01


In the surroundings of L’Estartit, you can find different accommodation and restaurants to fully enjoy your stay. Beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava. From hotels and apartments to restaurants with sea views or specializing in local gastronomy.

No visit to L’Estartit is complete without enjoying a good seafood meal. Savor rice dishes, seafood, or simple tapas while delighting in a spectacular view of the port and the Medes Islands.

In an ideal location on the Empordà coast, we find L’Estartit, a town belonging to Torroella de Montgrí. It is situated in a privileged place, between the Montgrí massif, a large fine sandy beach, and the mouth of the Ter River. L’Estartit is a meeting point for diving enthusiasts who come from all over to explore the seabed and, especially, the Marine Reserve of the Medes Islands.

The Medes Islands archipelago has been protected for the conservation of the underwater flora and fauna since 1990; this protection has allowed a spectacular recovery of the richness of the aquatic and terrestrial environment, such as rays, red coral, or seagrasses. In 2010, it was declared a Protected National Natural Park; its ecosystem has been classified as the best Marine Reserve in the Western Mediterranean.

There are also many walking or cycling routes that start from the town center, offering privileged views of the Costa Brava. Seeing the Natural Reserve of the Medes Islands from the land, ideally at sunset, allows you to enjoy one of the best views of these islands.

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