1. Can pets come on board?

    Yes, small and medium-sized dogs are welcome only on our Nautilus boat (not on Nemo and Corsair Negre). However, it should be noted that they cannot go down to the submarine cabin.

  2. Is there any discount for children?

    Yes, for Super3 members, it is free. Tickets must be purchased directly at the offices. To enjoy the discounts when buying tickets, contact us. The tickets cannot be reserved or purchased through the website.

  3. Are there discounts for large families?

    Yes, for FANOC foundation members. Tickets must be purchased directly at the offices. To enjoy the discounts when buying tickets, contact us.

  4. Are there discounts for retirees?

    No, there are none.

  5. Is there a discount for disabled people?

    Yes, if the disability prevents fully enjoying the experience. For any questions, please contact us directly by phone or email.

  6. If the sea is rough or the weather is bad, do they refund the money?

    In case any of the departures have to be canceled due to bad weather or sea conditions, we will notify you and discuss directly with you the possible solutions.

  7. Do all boats have underwater vision?

    No, only the Nautilus (Seaview, Star, Nautilus I and II).

  8. Do all outings/routes include a swim?

    Only on routes that specify it and depending on the time of year.

  9. Do you offer snorkeling?

    We do not offer snorkeling as an activity. We have time for swimming, and if you want to snorkel, you must bring your own equipment.

  10. Do you have life jackets for children?

    The life jackets we have are only for safety. We recommend that each person brings their own equipment.

  1. Accessibility of the boats

    Nautilus Seaview is prepared to accommodate wheelchairs (except electric ones).

  2. Is any special clothing required for sailing?

    No, you can come dressed normally. Except on bathing routes, remember to bring swimwear.

  3. Do the boats have a bathroom?

    All boats have a bathroom, except for Nemo.

  4. Do you offer a bar service?

    In the summer season, all boats have a bar service (except Nemo). Outside the season, check by contacting us directly.

  5. Are the visits guided?

    We have a "Nautilus Adventure" app available for Apple and Android.

  6. Can we bring food?

    Yes, you can bring food and drinks.

  7. How far in advance should we be at the port before departure?

    We recommend being at the port or at the offices on Passeig Marítim 23 about 15-20 minutes before departure.

  8. Where can we park?

    There is free parking on the beach (about a 10-minute walk) and paid parking at the Nautical Club (about a 5-minute walk).

  9. Which route do you recommend for young children?

    Route 2: The Medes Islands and La Foradada with Nautilus, which has underwater vision.

  10. What is the swimming time?

    You have 20 to 30 minutes for swimming.

  11. Is the swim done at the Medes Islands?

    Generally, between Meda Gran and the Montgrí coast, depending on availability for this activity.

  12. Do you stay open all year?

    We are open from March 1st to November 1st. Please check the booking platform to see the departures for each time of the year.

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