Nens Club Super 3

A free trip on Nautilus with Club Super 3!

At the Nautilus Adventure we are keen for all children to be able to enjoy an underwater trip, to have fun and learn about new aspects of the Costa Brava marine life and to discover new species of fish, birds and plants that live on the Montgrí Massif coast. This is why their ticket for […]
29 July, 2016
Fauna marina Illes Medes

Discover the marine fauna of the Medes Islands

The unique ecosystem of the Medes Islands, combined with its protected status as a Marine Reserve and Nature Park and the fact that it is forbidden to remove any type of resource from the area, has meant that a very varied, native flora and fauna has developed, particularly under the sea. From the Nautilus boats […]
24 July, 2016

Our Top 3 beaches in Estartit

The Costa Brava and particularly Estartit are famous for their peaceful beaches and coves where you can enjoy incomparable landscapes. From the stretches of fine sand where you can relax and sunbathe, to the spectacular cliffs and coves all along the Montgrí Coast, here at Nautilus, we recommend the best beaches so you can round […]
23 July, 2016
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