Mero en les Illes Medes

Learning in the Medes Islands.
Educational resource guide for schools

Education and respect for the environment are two of the basic pillars of Nautilus. The ecosystem of the Medes islands, with all the species of marine flora and fauna which live in the Montgrí area, is perfect for educating younger children about the importance of caring for our natural environment while they have fun learning […]
25 July, 2016
Fauna marina Illes Medes

Discover the marine fauna of the Medes Islands

The unique ecosystem of the Medes Islands, combined with its protected status as a Marine Reserve and Nature Park and the fact that it is forbidden to remove any type of resource from the area, has meant that a very varied, native flora and fauna has developed, particularly under the sea. From the Nautilus boats […]
24 July, 2016
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